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Puppy Training Retreats

How do your Puppy Programs work?

Puppy Training Retreats in Happy With Dogs

Puppy Board and Train

Buckle up, because our Puppy Board and Train programs offer an immersive training experience like no other! Instead of traditional classes or private sessions, your puppy will enjoy a pup-tastic stay with us, receiving specialized training and care from our experienced trainers.

It’s a pupper paradise where they’ll receive dedicated attention, consistent reinforcement, and the development of essential skills and behaviors.

During their retreat, your puppy will participate in structured training sessions, socialization adventures, and mental and physical stimulation galore.

Our trained staff takes a holistic approach, ensuring your puppy’s needs are met while creating a positive and playful learning experience. Learn More

Puppy Private Lessons

Personalized Training for You and Your Pup! Our private lessons offer focused attention, tailored guidance, and flexible learning options to help you achieve your training goals efficiently and effectively.

Our programs cater to your pups unique personalities, behaviors, and training goals. With one-on-one attention, tailored guidance, positive reinforcement, and real-world application, we’ll help you unleash your puppy’s full potential and build a pawsitive relationship based on trust, respect, and lots of tail-wagging fun.

Let’s embark on this adventure together and watch your puppy become a well-rounded, happy, and obedient member of your family. Woof!

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Puppy Training Retreats in Happy With Dogs
Puppy Training Retreats in Happy With Dogs

Free Puppy Social Class

Are you having a RUFF time getting your puppy socialized?

Well, fret no more! Join us for a pawsome and FREE puppy social class! What could be better than puppies playing?

Puppies participating in appropriate play and learning important life skills, that’s what! If you have a puppy between 8-16 weeks old, this is the perfect opportunity for them to start making friends in a safe and tail-waggingly fun environment.

Our professional guides will be there to ensure your puppy has a woof-tastic time and learns important socialization skills along the way. 

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