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Puppy Training Class

Puppy Training Class in Happy With Dogs

Have a puppy age 8-16 weeks? Did you know that time is a critical stage of development where it is so important to train and socialize your puppy!? The Pawsitive Futures Puppy Class sets you up for success!

Getting your puppy on the right track at a young age can save you from major behavioral issues such as leash pulling, resource guarding, nipping and jumping on your guests!  Put your best paw forward and join Happy With Dog’s Pawsitive Futures Puppy Class!

In this 4 week puppy class you and your puppy will be starting your training journey and headed toward mastering all things puppy. Guided by professional trainers you will learn how to teach your puppy things like potty training, leash walking, bite inhibition, foundational obedience.

Your puppy will also get the chance to socialize with dogs their own age and teach their humans what polite puppy play looks like and how to continue that play for a lifetime!

This class is one of a kind and will incorporate weekly in-person group classes (socially distanced of course) and zoom lessons to help troubleshoot and train mid-week! You will also receive handouts detailing the information covered in class as well as access to the CK9 virtual resource library. 

This class has a maximum of 8 participants and is going to book up fast! Don’t pass up the opportunity to get your puppy a Pawsitive Future with Happy With Dogs.

Puppy Training Class in Happy With Dogs