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Key Largo Services

Dog Walking

Feel bad because you can’t get home? Allow me to help!

Our dog walks and pet sitting are based on quality interactions, not a time clock. Our focus is for your pets to be exercised safely and based on their individual needs.

Dog walks include:

  • Proper exercise and potty time around your neighborhood based on your dog’s breed, age, and health
  • Meals served if needed
  • Water Refreshment
  • Bowls cleaned
  • Treats, interactive toys, or Kong’s provided if allowed
  • Medication administration if required
  • Training Reinforcement
  • Playtime and Socialization
  • Playtime indoors during inclement weather
  • Tons of TLC
  • Feedback through email from your Pet Care Specialist regarding their visit, including photos

Dog Walking Rates

Pet Sitting

Do you travel often? Want to take a vacation, but have your pet stay in the comfort of your own home?

Allow me to provide you with peace of mind knowing your pup is at home comfortable and happy while you’re away.

I require at least three (3) visits per day for dogs.

Pet Sitting Includes: 

  • Meals served
  • Water refreshment
  • Bowls cleaned
  • Medication is administered if required
  • Exercise, socialization, and playtime based on age, breed, and health
  • Blinds or curtains adjusted
  • Lights alternated 
  • Indoor plants watered 
  • Mail, newspapers, and packages collected 
  • Feedback through email from your Pet Care Specialist regarding their visit
  • Tons of Love!
Pet Sitting Rates
Overnight Pet Care

Our Pet Care Specialist will stay in your home overnight so you can travel worry-free. 

We arrive by 9 pm and stay with your pets overnight until 7 am. 

One additional walk/enrichment/playtime is included in the standard overnight care which is done midday. 

Additional afternoon dog walking visits can be added to this service at an additional fee. 

Overnight Rates

We walk dogs rain or shine. If the weather is severe enough to deem it unsafe, we will do our best to take your dog outside for their potty break and bring them back inside. We will then continue our visit inside by playing interactive games, socializing, brushing, etc.

If a pet shows any signs of overheating while on our walk, we will immediately end their time outside, bring them home for the duration of service, and remain with them until they have cooled down and are comfortable.

Price includes the 3 daily visits AND someone staying with your dogs overnight.