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Dog Day Care and Puppy Sitting Hamstead, FL

Dog Day Care and Puppy Sitting Hamstead, FL

Doggie Day Camp

Happy with Dogs Dog Daycare is a fun, safe, and healthy way to give your dog the highest quality of playtime with pups, exercise, socialization, educational activities and individualized attention with our staff. 

Rather than just putting your dog into a large group all day long, we create a personalized daycare program that focuses on individualized attention to each dog.

Your dog will enjoy playgroups with hand-picked pups that have similar play styles and size compatibility.

The smaller groups allow for higher quality play and are focused on your pup’s overall well-being.

Our Professional Staff works with your dog and participates in educational activities designed to satisfy their mental needs.

Activities are rotated and differ weekly.

Pups get to enjoy food puzzle toys in their enclosures. And after each activity your dog gets a nap time in a safe music enriched environment.

You and your dog will love the difference in our dog daycare programs where safety and fun is the measure of success and every dog gets a program specifically tailored for exercise, personal attention and of course, love!