Our Private Dog Training Programs are 100% customized to meet your goals and offers one-on-one time with a trainer for teaching the skills and techniques needed.

We have worked with many pet parents and families over the years with dogs ranging from puppies through service dogs. These families had issues including:

  • Not Listening
  • Jumping
  • Pulling on Leash
  • Mouthing/Teething
  • Demanding Attention
  • Barking or Growling
  • Potty Training
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Destructive Behavior
  • And Much More

Our Teaching Method

Unlike many private dog training programs out there, we customize what we work on and how we work on it based on your needs, goals, and preferences instead of fitting your dog into a canned program.

We use play, food, love, and affection in our teaching methods but also see the value in structure, boundaries, and clear communication for what is and isn’t allowed, because dog’s thrive with that kind of leadership.

We make sure you have everything you need to succeed at home.

Private Dog Training Lessons

Our private lessons are designed to give you the knowledge to communicate with your pup and the confidence to train your dog. The training sessions are paired with:

  • Free Meet and Greet
  • Videos to watch before each lesson
  • Trainer assistance between lessons
  • Weekly Logs
  • Homework Sheets
  • Footage Feedback
  • Group Classes


Courteous Canines

Want your dog to behave inside your home?

This program is designed to meet one or two training goals like nipping, jumping, leash pulling, potty training, and similar things.


Happening Hounds

Do you want to take your dog out on the town without worrying if they’ll behave?

This program teaches you and your dog the skills needed to behave in all environments. 


Dynamite Dogs

Would your dog stop chasing a cat and come back to you on command?

They could! Sign up for Dynamite Dogs to start learning the off-leash training needed.