Jay Jack – Play As The Way Seminar

Want to discover a fun outlet for your dog to burn energy and live their best life?

We are thrilled to host Jay Jack and learn about a fantastic new dog sport, GRC.

GRC can be played by all dogs! Especially dogs with high drive or ones that do not play well with others. 

It focuses on testing your dog’s Gameness (G) while building your Relationship (R) and your dog’s self Control (C).

GRC is an exciting sport that can benefit EVERY dog and handler!

The mission of GRC Dog sports is to provide PEOPLE with the motivation to give their dogs the training they need to thrive in this world, and a healthy place to put all of their natural drives.

Join us for a two-day seminar with the creator of this sport and all around awesome human, Jay Jack.

In this beginner friendly seminar you will learn all the foundations needed to thrive in GRC.

After the seminar, you can join our team in the first ever GRC Dog Club in Miami!

This workshop will discuss the concept of using play based training to teach the skills needed for social responsibility. Participants will learn several ways to use food including the Treat Chase Game, and how to use structured Personal Play.

What you will learn:

  • Several ways to use food including the Treat Chase Game
  • How to implement structured Personal Play
  • A complete system of tactical leash handling skills including:
    • Red Light Green Light Game on retractable leash
    • How to use Pressure and Release
  • How to use a Rub Down (similar to a massage for your dog) to help your dog relax

“If you have never had the chance to train with Jay you must not miss this, trust me your dog will thank you! Not only is Jay an incredibly entertaining presenter, but his unique and effective dog training techniques will completely change the way you play and train with your dogs.”

-GRC Participant

Event Details

When: January 15th & 16th, 2022

Location: Homestead, FL (@ the Happy With Dogs Farm).

Time : TBD


Working Spot8 Available$425
Audit Spot75 Available$325
Payment is accepted through PayPal : Info@happywithdogs.com