The Grooming Your Dog Deserves

Treating your dog to the best-of-the-best grooming

What if your dog enjoyed every trip to the groomers?

Some dogs come away from the groomer with anxiety from bad experiences. We take a different approach than most. We aim to cultivate positive experiences for you and your dog, to build their confidence. 

what makes this grooming experience different?

We put you and your dog first and foremost. Our grooming experts want to see your dog beautiful, healthy, and happy. We put the care and effort into creating the best grooming experience for your dog.

Comfort First

Your dog feeling safe and comfortable is our #1 priority. We create a welcoming environment where your dog will feel at home. If they’ve had bad experiences with grooming in the past, we can offer gentle training to help break down barriers and create trust before we get started. 

Premium Treatment

Your sweet pet deserves only the best. We use only the highest quality products to clean and groom your dog to perfection. 

Happy Dogs

You and your dog will walk away smiling. We put time and effort into making sure that every step along the way is a good experience. Your dog’s trust and confidence can grow and lead to a higher quality of life after being taken care of by our great staff and YOU, their amazing owner. 

Meet Our Dog Groomer: Janet

“I chose to become a groomer because I love dogs and pride myself in making a difference in their lives, one wagging tail at a time. I want to help pet parents understand that their dog‘s grooming needs are just as important as teaching them how to sit and stay. I groom with love and patience and value making sure dog‘s have a great experience while making them look fabulous.”

Hobbies & Interests

  • Animals: I currently have two cats and a hamster and would one day love to own a farm and have many more
  • Theme parks
  • Photography
  • Playing Video Games

fun facts

  • Earth Day is my Birthday
  • Dog kisses are my favorite part of the job!

Why Us?

Dog training is more than teaching your dog. Human relationships are the key to successful dog training. Each of our dog trainers has been trained and certified to give your furry friend the love and care that they need to be their best self. With every training retreat, we offer an Unlimited Free “Strut Your Stuff” Class attendance after the program so no matter what bumps in the road you come across, we will be there to help. 







Have any Questions?

We are here to help!

We know that every little furry friend is different. Let us help guild you to the right program that will help your dog. Contact us today and let us help your pet become its best self!

Dog Owner Reviews

“These trainers are true professionals who know how to help anxious and excitable dogs (and owners) become calmer and happier. They really care about the well-being of each and every dog that goes there. My dog Kora learned so much from her training there, and absolutely loves all the people there!”
– Amy K.

“We are very happy with our experience and continued support in training our dog. Our dog was there for the 3-week training, we felt he was well cared for and learning in a nice and structured environment. We had a great time seeing the photos and videos of him on Instagram of him during his training!”
-Maythe E.

“We had a GREAT experience with Happy With Dogs. Our dog was a wild man – chewed everything in sight, barked nonstop, and jumped on everyone. After picking him up, he is pretty close to perfect. We are very very happy.”
-Jackie F.

What are you waiting for?

Let us help bring out the best in your furry friend. We are excited to have you be a part of our extended dog family. We hope to hear from you soon!

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